The advantage of buying a mattress topper as opposed to a new mattress is obviously in the price. As a topper is not as thick as an actual mattress, obviously it costs less than a full mattress but this in no way makes you devoid of choice in what to buy. Most of the mattress manufacturers now also make mattress toppers and each mattress topper will usually incorporate the same features as those found in the relevant manufacturer’s mattresses. This means that keeping your old mattress and just buying a new topper to place on top of it, can afford you the same comfort as a new mattress would, except you save in cost.

Buying a mattress topper instead of a new mattress has become such a popular idea that there are now estimated to be over 25,000 reviews of mattress toppers inline, each of which may put a different view on the qualities provided by the different makes and types. Many of these reviews relate to memory foam mattress covers and most of them, 92%, confirm the widely held belief that memory foam is the best solution for comfortable sleeping. A memory foam mattress, and therefore a memory foam mattress topper, possesses the ability to mould itself to your shape, ensuring comfort as you sleep. When you view memory foam mattress topper reviews though, you will see that some reviewers expressed concerns concerning two aspects of memory foam mattresses and toppers. Those concerns are related to a build-up of heat that can occur when the mattresses are lied on and the other is in regards to the distasteful odour that the mattress producers when it is initially unwrapped. The first of these concerns, the one related to the heat build-ups is a genuine one that manufacturers are aware of and so if you are worried about it, perhaps because you live somewhere that is already warm, you should perhaps look for a memory foam mattress topper that contains gels which were placed in it at manufacture. These gels that manufacturers’ sometimes place in their mattresses and toppers, avoids build-up of heat as the gels spread the heat around making it unnoticeable. The second concern, the one about initial odours coming from the mattress, is one that the manufacturers have not yet been able to address, however the odours, which occur due to the chemicals used to ensure that the foam mattress has a memory do not remain for long after the mattress has been opened for the first time. The length of any discomfort is usually only a couple of hours or more rarely, a couple of days and once it has gone, it is gone for good.

best memory foam thickness Reading reviews will make you aware of each of the mattress topper’s bad points as well as their good points and so can be used to decide which mattress topper is the best for your given situation and requirements. Once you make the correct choice for you, it should feel like you bought a new mattress.