You may have seen advertised a promo code for an online dating site and wondered to yourself, what that was all about. Well although the different dating sites may give promotions for different things, a promo code will usually be a promo code that will allow you a free trial of their site. The large majority of online dating sites cost money to join and that joining fee has to be paid before you are even granted access into the site to see if you think any of the profiles will be of someone you are hopefully looking for. This means that you could pay money to join and then only afterwards learn that the other members are not really what you were expecting. By taking advantage of a free trial promo code, you can therefore view many of the site’s profiles before you even spend one penny. If you only intend to join one online dating site, free trials will help you find the right one to join. Of course today there are literally dozens of different online dating sites available to join and that number, if not already, could soon be in the hundreds as online dating continues to grow in popularity. When most people think of an online dating site, they think of a place where they will be introduced to someone with similar interests as themselves and so they can hopefully meet and start a lasting romance which could, and has, led to marriage. Although this vision is true for most online dating sites, there are other sites, commonly known as hook-up sites that exist for a totally different reason. These hook-up sites are not intended for people that are looking for romance but rather for those people looking for a night of no strings attached sex. These sites are OK for those consenting adults that merely want sexual gratification but they are not a site someone looking for a lasting, enduring romance should join. That is just one of the reasons why a free trial is good; it ensures that you join the right kind of online dating site for what you want. Even without counting the hook-up sites though, there are still many other online dating sites but many of them only cater to certain people and so if you are not in their category, forget those. These are the sites which are specifically for one particular religion or one specific ethnic group or they may just be for the elderly or members of a particular profession. That narrows down the number of online dating sites you could join and those remaining few are often the most popular and so can provide a far wider diversity of profiles of people you could meet. Remember though, the success of these sites is based on how many people they introduce to each other and not how many get married as that is a choice only the two members can make and should make on their own.