Basketball has become a popular sport that is played worldwide and so it no surprise that when it comes to buying basketball equipment, there are many different brands to choose from. The game originated in Springfield, Massachusetts in December 1891 when a Canadian physical fitness trainer was looking for a way to keep his students occupied, physically during spells of bad weather. He devised the game, playing with a football and peach baskets as nets. The game was instantly liked, leading to the first public game being played as early as March 1892. As its popularity grew, the game started to be played in Europe and so the first international game took place in 1909. By this time of course, Spalding, a sports outfitter, had designed a ball especially for use in playing basketball and the peach baskets had been replaced with hoops that held nets and which were attached to a backboard. After basketball was played at the Inter-Allied Games near Paris in 1919, basketball’s popularity in Europe grew even more, especially in France and in Italy. Today of course the game is popular in most countries around the world and international games have become quite common. To meet the growing need of course, makers of sporting equipment can now provide a great deal of choice when you want to buy basketball items. The sport has actually become so popular that it is played both indoors and outdoors and so although some basketballs have been made that can be used both indoors and outdoors, more commonly a ball is either specifically for indoor use or outdoor use. As each of the prominent sporting companies make their own basketballs, before buying a basketball for indoor use, you should perhaps look at a website like which tells you qualities each of these different brands of balls possess. Whilst all the basketballs marketed as for use in playing basketball indoors and so will be softer, less rugged than the balls designed for outdoor use, some may be better for dribbling purposes whilst others may be more suitable for slam dunks. Spalding is of course a famous brand for basketballs as they are the ones used for NBA games but others also have their own good points. For instance, if you want an autographed basketball, you may want to buy a Nike which specialize in autographed balls and of course charge extra for that autograph. Wilson are also a popular brand of basketball as these are the balls of choice for the NCAA matches whilst Rawlings basketballs are favoured by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes and the National Junior College Athletic Association. The Japanese brand of basketball Molten may not be so well known in some countries but it is the ball chosen for most official games in Asia and is the ball of choice for the Federation Internationale de Basket-ball championships. Other well-known brands are Baden and Under Armour, both of which are popular because the material they are made from, allows for easier ripping of the ball.